Rally Palli

The Tours

Rally Palli offers private tours for individuals, families, friends or other smaller groups. He knows the roads exceptionally well and has a lot of experience driving people around Iceland’s difficult roads.

In these tours, Palli tries to take rarely used off-road routes so his passengers can experience the unique feeling of being in a super jeep excursion in a properly modified jeep with an experienced driver. Each area has a lot of fun detours that Palli uses to make the trip as memorable as possible. The tours can vary between summer and winter seasons.

Rally Palli is an expert at setting up the perfect tour to satisfy everyone's preferences, based on the weather and conditions of the roads.

The Sprinter

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, we usually call it ”Mosi“ which is Icelandic for moss, is specially modified for 49“ tires with all the necessary equipment for a good trip to the highlands. Mosi has 10 seats for passengers and each one has two armrests, a headrest and an USB outlet. There is Wi-Fi on board and a Bluetooth connection to the radio so you can be your own DJ for the day.

Bussmagasinet (e. The buss magasine) made this video about the car, it should start at 14:43 where you can see inside Mosi.

Safety First

Palli is licensed to drive all kinds of vehicles and is a part of the Icelandic Travel Industry Association and has all the necessary permissions from the Icelandic tourist board. The Jeep is equipped with a fire extinguisher, first aid kit and other equipment necessary for difficult situations.

Rally Palli has attended many courses such as first aid class and the use of GPS devices. In addition he has held courses for other colleagues regarding driving skills and truck handling.

Other Projects

Do you need the perfect location for a certain project? Commercials or a movie? Palli knows Iceland better than most people and is great at finding what you are looking for.

Rally Palli has done all sorts of projects. He has assisted auto and tyre manufacturers to plan events in Iceland and planned driving competitions. He has also planned projects for many companies such as Nokia and Good Year.